Thursday, May 15, 2008

Thats Why They Call Them Best Women

I had one of the funniest random three ways tonight. I do not mean in a sexual way though if laughter was a form of orgasm I was on multiple. I mean a phone call. It was with ‘the best women’ having not seen Muffintop of Mitch since the last trying of the dresses experience several weeks ago we needed a catch up. When I say catch up I mean between the three of us. Separately I cannot fault them for there enthusiasm, dedication, never ending ‘can we help’ and putting up with me being a stressed harridan. Mitch is normally on the phone three times a week occasionally, in severe times of stress, daily. Muffintop has been emailing on her two week holiday in the Maldives with constant support. This is indeed why they are called best women.

Muffintop was round for dinner and from seeing each other everyday at work until December and a few times each week since, not seeing each other for two weeks was a bit odd. We both had been on fabulous trips, but we’d still missed each other. We ended up a little tipsy on Bucks Fizz, which believe me can happen, and then had Mitch on speaker phone for wedding talk. In the end it ended up being a one hour conversation that was about anything but. From Mitch’s mum’s love of ‘knob ends’ on bread, to perverts, to the shit office we all worked at once. It was heaven and not a word of confetti, outfits or the like in site. That was just what I needed, and that’s what best women are for, thank you kindly ladies!

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