Thursday, May 03, 2007

Wuthering, Wuthering, Wuthering Heights

Saturday 28th April 2007

It’s been a long but lovely day and I am blistered and a little achy but in general feeling quite exhilarated. We have been walking, by walking I don’t mean just a small wander around the town. We have been on a full on 8.5mile walk around the Dales.

Got up bright and early after a shit nights sleep, Mitch had to wake me as I forgot to set my alarm. As we were off getting breakfast and sorting the car ticket out we decided to go on a small walk just the two of us. I cannot tell you how much I love Mitch she’s special, well in many ways. We walked around the old graveyard which is a very strange place. Half of it is old flat tombs which look very strange, then the opposite side is all upright gravestones, it’s a stark contrast and also did you know over 4,000 people are buried in there, that’s madness. We then went and bought fresh jam, fresh bread and croissants, that and my amazing (if I do say so myself) scrambled egg and mushrooms was a stunning breakfast!

The walk was a tentative thing due to me sadly. I was in pain. I am not normally a whiner but I was feeling shit! Aches and pains never make anyone that happy and after hardly any sleep I wasn’t really up for walking miles. We devised a plan, we would walk as far as Bronte Waterfalls and the Bronte Seat and if I was in agony we would head back. My aches lasted twenty minutes and then vanished so we did the whole lot.

I cannot believe how beautiful it is out there. A short walk out of the town and you are in the moors all heather and desolation. We walked from Howarth to the Bronte seat. Apparently the sisters would walk there to think and get inspiration from for there books. We sat and just took the whole site in, it was truly exhilarating.

We then did the next leg which was to the farm that inspired ‘Wuthering Heights’. You can actually see it from quite a few miles away! It’s one farm with a single tree in the middle of nowhere; on one of the highest points in the area. It’s sparse and strangely haunting. I could have sat up there for hours. Muffin decided to break in. ME took a picture and her face is not on there its quite spooky, like someone else is in front of the camera.

We headed back via the pub. It was another ‘haunted’ pub called The Old Ship but I cant remember the town it was next to, lunch was fabulous, all of us chipping into a Treacle Pudding. An hour or so later and relaxed in the sun with cups of tea, yes we are all OAP’s secretly! I had a soak and then it was time for a pub crawl. I can honestly say I have never seen such a bizarre mixture of people, one pub Howarth Hall is a bit of a hell hole, I wouldn’t go back there. The next pub we witnessed a teary lesbian and her vile massive grey thong! Then we went to the Black Bull again and onto the ‘good music’ pub. Oh saw the most amazingly chav-tastic thing at the first pub we refused to go in. A girl on the outside of a Vauxhall Frontera. She thought she was on Baywatch or something.

Just had a curry at 1am, they are all slagging it off, but I quite liked my Chicken Tikka Korma. I then fell asleep and dribbled on Mitch, whoops, what are friends for?

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