Friday, May 04, 2007

A Two Parter

Yes today will see me writing a two part blog. One part is upbeat and chirpy like I have been feeling today, the second part is going to be a bit of a rant – so I apologise in advance. I just can’t decide what to do first. Ok the rant, that way the follow up bit will be a more positive me.


Ok so I am pissed of with a few things at the moment. Firstly is the fact that after commenting on so many peoples blog’s and trying so hard to keep up to date with people on myspace I don’t feel like I am getting much back. Ok so some of you are exempt from this. I don’t expect to make big friendships out of myspace but it would be nice. You know? I’m aiming to make mates with people that are like minded, mad or writers/book people. I guess I am whining for no reason. Can I just ask… people if you read the blog please leave a little comment – I try to always do it for you guys? Myspace moan over.

Being sick is pissing me off too. I mean having been ill in the past and this lump being where it is I would like people to understand what’s happening and not take the piss. I mean if anyone asks me how my ‘meat and two veg’ are one more time heaven help them! I am telling people about it so that anyone who goes through a ‘scare’ or not can see what you have to go through, not to have the piss taken out of me.

Finally the wedding... I have had some lovely cards from my great aunt, grandparents and aunty, sod all from my bloody mother. Oh well rant over… I probably sound like a right prick.

Enough of this, it’s a bit ugly and with my hair looking like a blondish bush and a beard to die for I am looking ugly enough!


Hoyden caught a mouse again this morning! It’s a delight when you are stuck in bed and she is throwing the poor creature around. Bless her! Thank goodness I have her or I might have a mouse problem. She was extremely pleased with herself.

I watched ‘The Night Listener’ a film version of the Armistead Maupin book. Toni Collette is as always fabulous in it! Robin Williams wasn’t as annoying as usual and his ‘gay relationship’ was very touching. A good film, not quite the Sixth Sense but almost.

My website is almost done! You can check it at if you want a link to your site on there please let me know and I will chuck it on for you! It’s not as good as I would like but I have made it all myself and so I should be a little proud of myself. I have to say though I spoke to my Dad today and he told me of my cousin (who I have never met) who has a site. My Dad reckons we are really, really, really similar as people (poor Graham) check his site out he has some hilarious cartoons on it, seriously look at it. I sent him a nice email that I hope he replies to!

Now I am waiting for my pie to cook and watching ‘Jordan & Peter; The Next Chapter’ then it’s another favourite of mine… ‘Deadline’. So I shall depart!

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