Friday, May 04, 2007

Can Everyone Feel Sorry For Me Please?

May 1st 2007

I have had a rough and unexpected two days. I came back from Yorkshire feeling odd I admit. I didn’t however expect to be sat in A&E at 5am on Monday morning. I certainly didn’t expect to be sent home at lunch and then go into have surgery again in the afternoon.

I have this lump, its boring you all I am sure. I have gained a cyst via the infected fluid, I don’t know how that causes it but it does. So it has been removed. I was in for the night as there was some bleeding and an issue with my blood pressure. It has all been a bit of a shock really. I don’t understand why they couldn’t get the bloody main thing out – apparently St Georges aren’t specialists in that area.

So if I have said will see you this week – I won’t be – I am having lots of time in bed, or have ignored you then you now know why! Can I have lots of sympathy please? I am in pain and feeling quite pathetic!

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