Thursday, May 10, 2007

A Stitch In Time

Tuesday 8th May 2007

My stitches have come out – hoorah! Why do they always tell you it won’t hurt when it always bloody does? The nurse looked at the wound and my tackle and simply said ‘oh, you must have had a bad week, musn’t you? Don’t worry it wont hurt much and then you can, well you can get back to… things’ I think by this she meant having a sex life, which would be quite nice to be honest!

The line ‘it wont hurt much’ was my major offence to put it bluntly. They cut the stitches in half which is not that great (and a close shave) and then pull them. Well the wound has healed around it hasn’t it? It’s not as bad as having teeth pulled, but imagine your hair slowly being pulled out really painfully for about 30 seconds and then a final evil tug. Yes it’s that nice… so I just thought would tell you all about it.

Oh my nerves and crying about going back to work was all just a bit of drama I think, it was fine! Right have to get ready for book group!

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