Saturday, May 05, 2007

Not in the Telegraph, But Am in Boyz

Sadly I found out today that I didn’t make it into the final 50 of The Telegraph’s ‘Novel in a Year Award’. I am quite upset, the prize was only a book, but then if you were in the final five you get to have dinner and stuff with agents, publicists and authors which would have been a good crack. I guess I just have to take it with a pinch of salt and move on.

One slight criticism was that as they only expected a few hundred entries and got over 2,000 it is claimed they only read the first paragraph, I wouldn’t say that was the fairest way to read, and also they didn’t judge them as a panel but separately. Seems a little half hearted to me, but hey ho. I didn’t get it and I wish the final 50 lots and lots of luck. I am actually looking forward to reading some of them.

Then a funny thing happened later though, I was just relaxing at home flicking through Boyz… and there was me on the whole of page 18! I couldn’t believe it and may have even let out a slight squeal. Sssshhhh, don’t tell anyone. It’s the advert I did for GMFA the charity, all about HIV awareness, just to put you all straight I am not HIV positive (I know my Dad reads this) I just did it for the charity. See picture above! So that made me laugh, I can’t get onto the pages of the Telegraph, but I can Boyz, and I know which I would rather!

Oh spoke to my mate Mark for first time in donkeys (we both get a bit hectic) and after his transplant he is doing really well, he was even featured in the press too! Aren’t we a pair of media whores…

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pottachan said...

I still think you should have been chlamydia, hehehehe

Though I would like to point out to anyone else reading this that I'm joking and Simon is VD free.

Comedy AND a public service announcement. What more could you want... xxx