Wednesday, May 09, 2007

A Vision of the Future

Monday May 7th 2007

Its bank holiday Monday and most couples will have spent the day doing something outside (mind you it has pissed down but then became beautiful sunshine) together and just being young and having fun. Myself and Mr B settled for a taster of the future… sat indoors playing board games. That’s the life!

We did venture out in the rain but only to get supplies of booze, food for a wholesome lasagne and domino’s, Frustration, connect 4, cards and top trumps. Yes really – thank god for Woolworths I say! I have to say it did bring out the competitive side in both of us. Mr B was thriving on dominoes as he beat me three games, I then had a winning streak and won five games and suddenly he didn’t want to play! Frustration brought out our evil streaks… he cheated mercilessly and I kept knocking him back to ‘home’, how sad are we?

The thing is I had so much fun it was lovely, so relaxing! If this is a vision of our retirement at home doing bugger all it’s given me something to look forward to! I have just noticed I really am an old man – I am wearing a cardigan, my new favourite purchase. All I need is the slippers and the pipe next… and a nice warm fire.

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