Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Midsummer Nights Dream

A warm sunny evening (which I had been worried would turn out to be a rainy one) in the open air watching Shakespeare was the perfect Saturday night tonight. Maybe this is another sign of my early middle age? I was in The Rookery in Streatham Common to watch Big Sis as Helena, a fairy (snigger) and Peter Quince in A Midsummer Nights Dream. I haven’t watched Shakespeare for ages and actually did A Midsummer Nights Dream for GCSE so I was excited with slight reservations, I thought Shakespeare wasn’t my cup of tea my opinion has now been changed.

I had brought an unlikely pair of supporters, unlikely as in them not as in unlikely for my sis – the gays love her! I was with my husband and my ex boyfriend, who actually gang up on me. I will say I am never shopping with them ever again, part of the joy of the ‘open air’ was that you could sit and eat and drink as much as you liked as the show was on. The picnic was the route of a 40 minute shop based solely on three of the most indecisive gay men you have ever met, we agreed on booze that was all, and I actually had to walk off at one point. Six bottles of Bucks Fizz and a bag of sumptuous goodies to eat later we got the bus to the venue, almost door to door.

My sis had been worrying that it wouldn’t be as good as its first night five star reviews and she needn’t have worried, a mixed audience of young children to some golden oldies were laughing and at several points impromptu clapping from the performances on show. Not being biased but Holly as Helena was simply wonderful, her comic timing was spot on and I was in hysterics during the ‘Spaniel’ scene. Titania was fabulous but I do think that Bottom stole the show, with Puck just a little behind, oh I made a bottom joke then.

Here are some photos from the show starting with my dates for the evening the husband and the ex…

Holly dressed as a man aka Peter Quince

A wonderful Titania

The Spaniel Scene

A gathering of Fairy Folk

Puck & King of the Fairies

A brilliant Bottom

Holly the Hussy… sorry Helena the Hussy

If you have the chance please do go and see this its brilliant the link is I laughed, drank and like the rest of the audience had quite A Midsummer Nights Dream of an evening!

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