Friday, June 06, 2008

A Day Wasted That Should Be Shelved

Today has been one of those days that makes you cross, you know really cross. Today has felt like a day wasted, and I hate those which is odd as I am one major procrastinator. The plan was to get up at 9am (which is unfunny as I have major insomnia) to then head to Ikea and pick up the delicious ‘art deco, mono, floral patterned’ shelves we want, they sound vile believe me they are divine.

Well I cried when the alarm went off. I was a) in the middle of a nice dream b) have had no more than 12 hours sleep in the last week, thank the lord there is no photo to match this blog – I look like death c) the cat has taken to needing to be cuddled in the night, this is fine, apart from the fact that when you stop/rollover she feels the need to wake you up with claws on face to cuddle her again. So I postponed the alarm for another hour, only then Mr S wanted cuddles. Cuddles are good for you, unless that is you’re someone who has insomnia and loves their sleep.

So fair enough we were an hour behind, only then I noticed that the air was feeling slightly pollinated. Within minutes I was sneezing, one the 12th sneeze I think Mr S was a little puzzled and concerned, by the 16th I did something I didn’t think was possible… threw up from sneezing. I had sneezed so hard it must have jerked my stomach in an odd way or something. I also had a headache which throwing up always makes worse, I later noticed I hadnt had a coffee until over 4 hours after I woke up, thats trouble right there!

We got to Ikea two hours behind schedule after a horrid trip on the Tram where I had no tissues and had forgotten to take the antihistamine and left it on the kitchen side (I was very worried the cat would eat it) I felt vile and by this point my eyes hurt so much only the thought of the shelves with my books on them looking fabulous was the only thing going for me. We found them… too heavy, seriously far too heavy. Two of us couldn’t carry one box. So we thought oh naff it lets get it delivered. Forty bloody pounds!?! No.

So we thought it through and have decided to wait. We are moving to a bigger nicer flat in less than two months so we’ll get them delivered then, only we are gonna spent over £300 so we get it all delivered free, it’s a cheek! We then left with nothing other than a new cat kitchen mat for her majesty’s bowls. We wanted some of the gayest most brilliant bowls for her… out of stock. They have crown stamps on the inside in gold on a silver bowl, genius. She loved the basket we got her last week, she only uses it when I am not in bed but it’s a bonus.

I wanted to go home; Mr S wanted me to get the tram to the Home Office in Croydon, as he has a meeting there next week. After a 40 minute traipse we realised we had gone past it. We then looked at the shops, literally looked as I was now feeling so ill it was untrue. I slept on the tram back.

I wanted to do loads this evening, write a blog about last night as I met the man who designed and made the first rainbow flag and got to taste new lines of cocktails with him and how pissed Polly got on two of them – oh told you now. Also a blog on BB9 and how freakish I find them all – oh told you that too now. I wanted to finally use the scanner – actually finally plug it in, get the internet phone sorted, start a Mills & Boon to cheer Mitch up, sort out my new book blog which is ‘coming soon’ and so much more. Instead I have been bathing my eyes in cold water every ten minutes and blowing my nose to buggery. Wasted day, can’t bare it!

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