Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Married A Month

‘Happy Anniversary Baby’ was the greeting I got when I phoned Mr S at work. I was puzzled as he is very good with anniversaries and I am not, I remember our actual anniversary as it was his birthday but its in November not June. He will literally remember the anniversary by month of when we got engaged, when he moved in, everything. I on the other hand only feel that two need to be remembered long term. ‘What anniversary?’ I asked. He was unimpressed. ‘It’s a month we’ve been married baby.’ Oh! Now I was actually very good buying him a present on the first week and first fortnight, the month anniversary had slipped me by. I think this has a lot to do with too much research on the Mitford’s and also worrying about my mother, more of both of these in a blog some other time.

So a month has whizzed past in fact time has really flown by, and we still haven’t been on honeymoon. The honeymoon is being sorted in the background at the moment I just have a massive deadline looming so once everything is handed in I can holiday in bliss.

Has anything changed, I don’t think it has especially? I love him more and more, I know that’s very ‘smug married’ but it is indeed true I have never thought he was cuter. I asked Mr S what had changed bar his surname. ‘Well frankly I just feel an extra load of responsibility.’ I am so glad that romance isn’t dead; we did both notice there was a slight difference after the whole ‘wedding’ had calmed down, there’s an extra bond.

I think we both now think as a ‘we’ now more than a ‘me’. I have also become some kind of deranged housewife. I have never cooked this many pies, cakes, curries etc from scratch in my life, all because I just want to, its very wrong. We are going out together a lot more but that might be more to do with his new job. We are still having sex (possibly more) so that myth is a load of rubbish… so far! We also annoy each other tenfold, the nit picking seems to have started in Mr S, and he has also used the expression ‘what’s yours is now mine you know’ twice. We have decided we need a bigger flat and possibly some new pets (we had our first major row over a kitten I had said yes to, I lost and missed out on a gorgeous moggy), mind you I have noticed Mr S is now looking at adoption sites, but that is a whole can of worms I am not quite ready for yet, give me a year or two. For now I am just enjoying it being us, oh and the cat.

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