Friday, June 13, 2008

That Shula, She's An Open Book

Being ill and bed ridden gives you a little too much time on your hands, and rather than dwell on the misery of how sore my leg has been or how de-motivating Zorro is to read, I decided I would tell you of my new discovered love of Radio 4. Yes this blog is filled with it all, the thrills and spills of a mid twenties life, newspaper debates, shopping in Ikea and now Radio 4. There will be a lot of nudity coming in the blog over the weekend, I promise.

So back to Radio 4, well on a whim a Sunday ago Mr S was out shopping and I wanted to do some cleaning (a very rare event) I didn’t want to half watch a DVD or one of the music channels and I didn’t want to clean to Kylie which is always what spurns me on through the oven grime. So after always hearing how wonderful it is, from my Gran and my mother – it worries me how similar we are becoming and I swore I never would, I decided to give the Archers a go, plus Tamsin Grieg is on it though not at the moment which is a real shame. Thanks to BBC iPlayer I managed to get the omnibus from the week before, so I had over two hours of Archer’s joy in a row. Well now I am hooked.

It has to be said not a ridiculous amount happens in Ambridge in each episode but then it is only 15 minutes which I can actually say is perfect timing for a sudden ‘oh no’ moment. Well I am now ridiculously involved, I don’t care that Matt Crawford was adopted (neither does he – I am hoping some sick twist will mean he’s sleeping with his sister but that’s more of a storyline for other soaps) it doesn’t mean you can throw people out of their lovely barn to make lots of money. I also have to say that my favourite character is Shula; I don’t like her at all she is one of those royally annoying interfering do-good busy bodies. I have never known such an interfering and currently rumoured to be racist (she isn’t, well she’s a bit of a bigot in other ways) church warden but what a fabulous character. Oh and what’s kicking off with the funeral in Ireland? It’s fabulous. Highest debate of the village this week… should they have sausage rolls at Ruth’s 40th?

Now deciding to catch up on that opened a right minefield of other fabulous things I have missed on Radio 4. Book at Bedtime or A Good Read anyone, Woman’s Hour? Open Book with Mariella Frostrup who has one of the jobs I am most envious of (The Book Show on Sky and now this) plus she is friends with George ‘Delicious’ Clooney. Susan Hill was on last weeks so that was interesting. You’ll have to see my new book blog for more on her and these once it’s sorted, days now I promise. So thanks to Radio 4 what could have been a few days in painful hell has been in middle twenties (early middle age) heaven. So I thought I should blog about it unashamedly. That will be all.

Oh I shoudl have written about the fact its Friday the 13th, but I forgot until just now! Oh dear!

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