Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bloody Landlords, Bloody Broadband, Bloody Bunged Up, Bloody, Bloody, Bloody

Can you tell I have been a bit grumpy this week? I am royally unimpressed with my landlords who sent me a delightful note in the post saying I have been aware that they have been paying my gas and now could I please send them a grand. Erm, sorry? I was absolutely furious. I have always believed I was on a combination bill as I don’t have a meter in my flat. It now turns out that we actually don’t have a meter in the building, it may be in the shop next door? What the heck? Can I also state I have now been living here 18 months and I think they could have sent me something sooner if this was the case? I have since had a very fraught conversation with my agents who still haven’t given me a new fridge after a month of it not working; maybe I should send the astronomical food bills for same day meals to them? I ended up marching to the CAB office for advice, just as I was about to see one of them the agents phoned apologising. Mr S and I just want our new HOUSE now, yes house! How exciting!

Then we had a power cut on Tuesday night, which involved Mr S getting really freaked out (seriously this man was scared) and myself stubbing my toe. We did get to use some of our lovely new wedding presents (no, we didn’t make a big fire with them all) candles, on is monstrous and fabulous, we also got to have a chat with the lovely neighbours upstairs who have a very cute baby. Is it wrong I usually avoid my neighbours at all costs?

Today my wireless started playing up quite badly, just switching on and off as it felt the need and then not finding my BT hub. After a very long call to India, sorry to BT I was told I would need to buy a network cable so they could get into my laptop and hob and sort it all out. It cost bloody £20 to get a bloody cable I only need once. I begrudgingly paid it and then spent a further hour and a half on the phone to India; I mean BT before it was sorted. I have to say the new member of staff I spoke to was lovely. The problem, the power cut had reset everything as they were plugged in at the time, lets hope that doesn’t happen again, at least I now have the lead if it does.

AS for being bunged up, I keep getting these odd colds and combine that with bloody hay fever I am streaming sore eyed mess. I think Mr S and I just keep passing a mild summer cold between us, is it me or is hay fever worse this year?

So that plus deadline and still not sleeping I haven’t been the biggest fun, and the fact I am too ill to go to the B Boy Painting Party tonight is too much. At least I still have James Bond to keep me going! God woe is me, I hope this pants phase cuts itself out soon, and I want to be writing upbeat fabulous blogs, I guess life isn’t always like that! Oh some good news I am now on S in my alphabetical mp3 player cleansing!

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