Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Electrical Goods & Bads

I was mortified to notice that when I went to put some new music on my mp3 player that it pronounced it was full. Now anyone who knows me well will know that I like my music and that I download like a demon. So with 30GB full what was I going to have to do? Yes you guessed it I am now going through every single song in alphabetical order to delete the ones I don’t like or know that well. I have so far been amazed by how many songs and artists I don’t know at all, maybe some gremlins have been adding tracks in the night? I also noticed that I have three copies of a few songs (mainly Madonna and Kylie – I hold my hands up) either different mixes, edits or simply several ‘live’ versions, I cannot delete this.

It has taken my down memory lane though. ‘Am To Pm’ takes me to a very fabulous house party on a new years eve, ‘2 Become 1’ ended up on repeat reminding me of my closet years with Mum, ‘Call My Name’ took me back to my time in Colliers Wood, ‘Because I Love You’ took me back to the wedding, and ‘Bag It Up’ took me back to my G.A.Y every Saturday phase. So far I am only just on C which is understandable when you have over 10,000 songs to go for. I could of course just bought a new bigger mp3 player… but this situation will then be allowed to happen again, and I already listen to my Shuffle more than my other as I only put my current 200 favourites on there. I am enjoying really listening to some fabulous old tunes though, I mean when did I download Mel & Kim, the entire Sinitta back-catalogue and the new Gavin Rossdale album? How did I not know I wasn’t in love with Kim Wilde’s ‘Cambodia’, oh because I didn’t know it was there maybe? What a mixture.

Sadly two other electrical ‘bad’ items are in the kitchen. After a small revival the microwave actually sort of blew up finally, there was a definite finality about it as the door sort of shot off its hinges, thankfully we (Mr S, myself or the cat) weren’t in ther so no fatality’s, though my Tikka Masala was buggered. It did something similar the other day but being a cheapskate I thought I would try and use it for as long as possible, no chance now. The other is the fridge, some days the milk stays fine, some day’s it’s off in a few hours, I have phoned the landlord so am sure we’ll receive a new one by 2009 or something like that.

The electrical ‘good’ I am going to discuss is my latest treat for myself. After swearing I would never go back to John Lewis I have actually been back today, I am by no means converted, fear not. I had seen a little something that I didn’t want to buy as a wedding gift but new I wanted. So now sat proudly in the middle of the room still in its box is an All-In-One printer. (Hang on need to run and delete a rubbish Janet ballad… that’s better.) Yes, so now I won’t be asking Muffintop to do printing batches anymore. I also thought that someone who works from home should be equipped with something like this in 2008 frankly. I mostly now love the fact that it has a scanner. Yes, you have been warned, I feel a few photographic gems might be coming out of the woodwork that otherwise would be left sadly in a box. Isn’t technology fabulous?

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