Monday, June 23, 2008

Dreams & Nightmares

Dreams are odd things aren’t they? Nightmares are indeed evil and odder things. I have been mulling this over for the past week, it was an idea for something I was going to write but didn’t work, and I have been keeping a list of the things that I have been dreaming about for the last week, not that I will list them all.

Some people don’t remember there dreams, I cannot imagine what this must be like… boring I guess. I am the opposite I am a big dreamer (and yes sometimes in the day too) and they stick with me, not every single one as we apparently have thousands a night, dreams in fact only apparently last between a minute and 3 minutes real time yet they can last months in your head. Most of my dreams I noticed from last week were about money, family and friends, famous people, big brother and sex (though we wont discuss the latter as Mr S calls it mental cheating), I was shocked I had dreamt about Big Brother so much.

I always have had dreams that are based around what I am watching and sadly this year Big Brother is something I have been avidly watching, though I do think its gone very boring suddenly. So naturally I have been dreaming I am in the house with all of them blah, blah. When I was younger well in my teens I used to have similar dreams based on my viewing. The New Adventures of Superman was a favourite for a while, there was a long standing run of dreams involving being the latest housemate in This Life (funnily enough I haven’t dreamt of being a new farmer on The Archers… yet).

Last year I was heavily dreaming I was in Torchwood and Doctor Who which was fantastic. How do our heads come up with such vivid dreams and why oh why can we not control them? It appears my reading is effecting my dreams as I dreamt about a man who jumped from a building and splattered on the street, I am reading Tess Gerritsens ‘The Apprentice’ and that’s pretty much the opening scene, only it’s a plane not a roof.

I had the one we all have, I dreamt I had received a mammoth amount of money and had been on a major shopping spree, so real was it that when I woke up I looked instantly for one of the things I had bought and had that sinking feeling when realised that no it was a dream.

Nightmares are something that I used to get lots of when I was a child, two that I particularly remember are one where a car was following me in the woods and had a witch in the front seat who I knew was going to kill me, and another of a giant that chased me followed by an evil ballerina who as she spun made the noise of nails on a blackboard, she by far was my childhood worst nightmare, and I can still see her now. I used to have these nightmares reoccurring quite often.

I had two nasty ones last week. One was that Bong was really, really cross with me and wouldn’t speak to me or explain why he was so angry. I had a horrid morning after that where as he died last year I couldn’t phone him to see if it was true or not and so just felt crappy all day. The other which was very strange was that I ended up with a second husband (don’t know what happened to Mr S poor swine) who was a combination of two of my ex’s we had children and everything was lovely until he murdered us all. The strangest bit was afterwards when I had died I was in a car being driven to the site I was buried under and daisies had spelt out mine and my children’s names to show the police where our bodies were.

Mr S said the next day ‘I think your sleeping head is mental’, he could be right only I find that ironic coming from someone who sings in Portuguese in the night, dreams of ‘funny dogs’ and had the nightmare that the devil locked him in a toilet and woke up screaming loudly.

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