Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm An Accident Waiting To Happen

Police, Doctors & Nurses I’ve had them all today…

I feel like I have met half of the services in Tooting today bar firemen (one can dream) who I hardly ever see around here actually, maybe I should start a rampant fire on the roof terrace or become a pyromaniac? We had a rude awakening this morning with the police once again raiding our flats, only not for the same man. You watch today carries on being like The Bill… yes, melodrama and bad acting!

It was on waking up and getting out of bed so quickly that a pain shot through my leg, I forgot about for a while as I was having a small questioning, until I felt the trickle. No I had not wet myself, though it did cross my mind.

I have had what I have been trying to convince myself as simply a spot for the last few weeks even though its been the size of a two pence piece. It is now clear it isn’t a spot of any kind as you could see inside my leg after some sort of explosion inside. Nice image that isn’t it? Mr S wasn’t taking my ‘oh its fine’ bulls**t either, he was actually very forceful. You see as some of you will know I have had a bad few years with ‘lumps and bumps’ and ‘cancer scares’ so though I am always on ultra watch with lumps I do go into some kind of denial. Like in this instance for example.

So after discussing the matter with NHS direct ( I refused to go straight to hospital through slight fear and also not wanting to waste anyone’s time) I was ushered to St Georges Walk In Centre before Mr S then dashed off to work, not so much the knight in shining armour he though he was in my books frankly. I then waited an hour (they are doing building works and have restricted hours at the mo – typical) before being sent to A&E where a lovely young man told me that I should really be stitched up, but as it was open they would send me to another ward to have a biopsy done, it ended up being removed – not my leg the ‘mass’.

There was one fabulous scene in the Walk In Centre that made me smile. A woman barged in shouting ‘I have broken my fingers’, the nurses simply said, ‘we aren’t seeing anyone I am afraid for an hour due to the works on the building and we don’t have X-Rays here, please go to A&E’.
‘What and have to wait half my life’ she slammed her fingers on the counter ‘I am a very busy woman.’
‘The wait in A&E is currently 45 minutes, which fingers have you broken?’
‘These’ the woman wiggles ‘its awful’.
‘I’m sorry madam but I don’t think those fingers are broken’ the nurse looks a little tired of the whole scene.
‘Did I say fingers? I meant I have broken my femur.’ With that she swooped out.

So what’s the state of play now? Hopefully they think it’s just a cyst that simply was ‘bursting’ to get out, time will tell and I am a little worried. More worrying was however the matter of getting home. I ended up getting a taxi the massive two streets away. I have since grabbed my book, a bottle of water, the remotes and my laptop as I now have to endure (oh like it will be a hardship) two or three days of bed rest. I only hope I am up and running for this weekends Hustlaball.

Before I go and watch endless BB (get that evil Alexandra out NOW) and The Apprentice Final (come on Claire) I do want to say something.

I want this blog to be honest upfront and real, without being preachy or any of that bollocks, apart from today. I have shown you what you should NEVER do when you have a lump, and after my history I should know better, however I am learning and hope have shown that when you get a lump or ‘funny spot/mole’ get it checked pronto! I cannot state this strongly enough, I hopefully am fine I should however have stopped pretending things were fine for the last week and gone there snappish.

Preach over.

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