Thursday, July 03, 2008

Laughalot at Spamalot & Introducing 'The Children of Polari'

Last night I had the joy of Spamalot, which I can honestly say I didn’t think I was going to enjoy even though I used to laugh at Monty Python when the uncles and aunties were watching it. I was wrong, by the interval Muffintop and I had tears rolling down our cheeks, and I have not laughed like that for a long time. The second half was equally as good with one of the most fabulous ‘camp’ (a severe understatement) scenes I have ever seen on stage, and that’s saying something, you must go its fabulous.

I had done an interview for a forthcoming (September) issue of Bent Magazine with the delightful and delicious Paul Burston and Dom Agius all about Polari. We went to the lovely Maison Bertaux on Greek Street which is a secret little (very) coffee and cake shop where everything is fresh and fabulous, another recommendation from me. I was talking with the chaps and ‘The Children of Polari’ came up again.

It had previously been mentioned at the last Polari when we had a picture with Paul and he hugged us saying ‘my children’ and I suppose you could say an idea was born, without any of us knowing it. It came up again today and later when Paul and I were reunited at Teatro for the Spamalot Party, both of us arriving with two fabulous women, mine of course being the other child of Polari, Polly. Is this making sense? So it was mentioned again and after Paul had departed (he was very well behaved as the wine was flowing excessively) Muffintop Polly and I kept discussing The Children of Polly and now after some work, there is a site so get adding!We’ve had some cracking ideas for it so watch that space.

Here is a picture of us with Daddy Burston that I have stolen of his blog, I hope he won’t mind!

A fabulous fruitful day all in all, oh and on Dom’s advice have purchased ‘The Pursuit of Love’ by Nancy Mitford, I am becoming slightly obsessed with those sisters! Now with having a fun filled day yesterday (I also downloaded the whole back catalogue of Donna Summer) and fun and frolics on myspace most of the day today I better do some work.

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