Friday, February 22, 2008


Tonight I watched a film after a recommendation from Spanielle called ‘The Notebook’ and it’s really made me think. Without giving too much away and spoiling it for those of you who haven’t seen it the film has an Alzheimer’s theme which all of you will know I have very strong feelings about. (If you didn’t know check out an earlier blog called Mindless Thoughtless.)

I am now thinking more and more there is something bigger that I need to do to demonstrate how shocking both dementia and Alzheimer’s is and remind people of it. I really want to make a documentary but I am not sure how to go about it so if anyone out there has any contacts in the media/TV world who I could talk to or liaise with, or if any of you want to get involved please let me know. Please!

The film title ‘The Notebook’ says a lot too. How many notebooks do I have? I cannot begin to count; anyone who writes or is creative will know or tell you that carrying a notebook EVERYWHERE is essential. I have one in every room, yes even in the bog… I get some great ideas in the bath. I actually had to stop in the yoghurt section of the supermarket the other day and make some notes (getting some odd looks) as a toffee yoghurt made me think of some small plot for something. I also use them to keep memories or dreams in, like the random one I had last night about dating Kylie Minogue. It was a marriage of convenience.

Memories and notes are why I also keep this blog, when I started it I didn’t think anyone would read it and some people still don’t, but those of you who do mean a lot to me so thank you. It may be something my children want to read, it may help other people (like when Bong died or when I had my op ‘downstairs’), it may just make people smile or think, it is also very much there for me, I can look back on last year and think blimey I did that? It also puts things in perspective. Maybe one day when my memories are going or indeed I have gone someone will read this and those memories will come alive and so will part of me. Who knows?

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