Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Gay?

I always say every year like a true pessimist or negative thing ‘oh not bloody Valentines again’ I don’t think I like it. Until it arrives and suddenly (very like at Christmas) I get swept up by the marketing I hated so much and buy any heart shaped item I can lay my mitts on. Not this year though.

This year as Mr B was working ALL BLOODY DAY and I had a few interviews lined up for Bent we decided we would ignore Valentines Day until Sunday. When all we would do is buy a little something for each other, we would give each other cards on the day.

So imagine my surprise (if you can call it that in the inebriated state I was in) when I came home at 2am on Thursday morning, very no extremely, no ridiculously drunk, to find a my flat resembled something out of a Mills & Boon novel. Champagne on ice, several bouquets of flowers (actually I will add a picture) candles and a Storm pendant I have been dying to own for over a year! I think he was slightly disappointed when having gone to open and pour us a glass of bubbly each I was asleep on the bed fully dressed dribbling! What? It had been an impromptu night to Trannyshack with new pals Dan D and Michael T, I didn’t know.

So this today after being very ill in the morning, after interviewing the hilarious Clare Teal and doing some odds and sods in town, the heart fetish kicked in. He now has waiting for him heart shaped chocolates, two heart shaped mugs – we love a nice cuppa, a massive heart shaped card (no I hadn’t even got that until today after our pact, the traitor) a teddy carrying a big heart and his and his heart covered pants! I think that’s a job well done, maybe I can arrange our curry in heart shapes on the plates, or would that be going too far?

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