Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Zhooshy, Bonaroo, Dolly, Alamo, Ogle, Bona, Bungery… It’s All Polari

Last night I had a wonderful evening at the Green Carnation in Soho for a literary monthly event called ‘Polari’ organised by the fabulous Paul Burston (who I have finally said hello to for once hahaha) and Dom Agius.

It’s a great night to go to as each month a different author reads passages from their latest or chosen novel. Tonight was the wonderful Stella Duffy and her eleventh book is out this week called ‘The Room Of Lost Things’ and the parts she read were both touching, saddening, thought provoking and funny. In the flesh she was a lovely lady having a good old natter with everyone, a drink and a boogie too. You must check this book out; in fact you must check all of her books out so there.

Paul is a great host and does DJing with Dom, the tunes were a fabulous mix of 80’s to present day, I can’t think where else you would get Goldfrapps ‘A&E’, Pet Shop Boys ft Dusty Springfield, Sugababes ‘About You Now’, David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’ and Destiny’s Child ‘Independent Women’ within the space of an hour.

That’s what’s so great about it its individuality. People are looking for something fresh on the Gay Scene and for people who like to lounge, mingle, network or if you are a book geek (I hold my hands up) or are organising the Bent Magazine Book Group (I hold my hands up again). There is also the chance to meet like minded people (I must say hello to ‘Madame’ who said ‘oh you’re myspace Simon’ in fact a few people did which felt lovely).

There were two things that summed the night up for me, the adverts tag line ‘come for the words, stay for music’ and Stella when she had finished reading said ‘its so nice to come somewhere that’s not just about drink and dancing but about the arts foremost’ and then Paul said ‘so lets get on with the drink and dancing’ and we all did.

A wonderful night, a huge congrats and stroke of genius to all involved in particular The Green Carnation, Paul Burston, Dom Agius and Stella Duffy.

The next one is March the 10th be there or be square!

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