Thursday, February 07, 2008

Back & Bloody Busy

I arrived back in London. I had missed it. I grabbed a Starbucks, something so American and yet so London to me, and then I got on the Northern Line. I hate the Northern Line and people always find it funny that I have chosen to live on it. They don’t call it the misery line for nothing and indeed it was a misery as some bugger slammed into me and I was left with coffee all over my trousers and before I had to do an interview as well.

I was interviewing Deepest Blue whose first album had three of my favourite songs on it. They have been away for a while working on solo projects and now they are back. They were brilliant and they got me very drunk, what more could you want in an interview? We were at Bar Chocolate with lots of chocolate cocktails; you must go if you have chocoholic tendencies like I do.

Home for a swift shower and change and then I was back out to meet my sister for the opening of the new Nokia store and their new project Meet London ‘a unique exhibition that brings together the creative talent of four high profile Londoners representing film, music, sport and art to produce a series of one-off, intimate portraits that capture London in 2008’. It was a really good event though we didn’t see the Meet London exhibition. I did see Beverley Knight though and was too shy to say hello, this is one of my major flaws I get really shy suddenly for no reason.

I did the same when I went to the next party (my sister had to go home, her boots were too tight and high) with Mr Moon. It was the Gaydar Radio’s 6th Birthday Party at Lo-Profile and as I was going in the lovely Mr Burston was coming out and shock horror, I didn’t say hello just smiled in some weird way. He must have thought what a random odd bod. I didn’t go in to the party in the end as they had started to charge, I didn’t wanna be a prick and get my press pass out so we went to GAY Bar by which time after chocolate cocktails and champers I was bloody mullered. I came home and seemed to have sobered up and here I am, am feeling slightly ropey now so think I need to go to bed. Night!

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