Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tudor Tastic

I am currently debating getting a much corseted dress and a crown. No really! I have been lost in a world of dank dark corridors, back stabbing, tight pants and ego’s… no I haven’t spent the last few days on the gay scene non stop actually ha, ha, ha. No I seem to have been lost in the early years of the 1500’s. Lost in a time that I am actually realising I am fairly obsessed with. Yes the Tudor Period.

It’s been restarted from the latest ‘book group’ book ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ by Philippa Gregory. It’s taken me a while to read, not because I haven’t been enjoying it or that it’s too complex, but because I didn’t want to finish it. (Don’t worry I have now sorted this out by ordering ‘The Boleyn Inheritance’, ‘The Virgin’s Lover’ and ‘The Constant Princess’ from http://www.readitswapit.com/ so I will still be getting my fix). It’s brilliant and I simply cannot wait for the movie now, think will have to treat my Aunty Alice on the day it comes out as am up in Manchester that day. See its becoming an obsession.

In fact so obsessed was I that I dragged (actually he wanted to go) Mr B to Hampton Court Palace on Sunday. It took forever to get there, thanks to the appalling bus replacement service but was so worth it. The weather was gorgeous. I love Hampton Court I have been almost yearly since I came to London. There is something quite magical about it. I think it’s the fact there is so much history, all the addictions by King William and King George and the fabulous gardens. I got lost in the maze and think I saw a flicker of disappointment cross Mr B’s face when I managed to get out.

I was only interested in the Tudor sections quite happily aimlessly wandering through the oldest part of the castle in my own little world. Oh and laughing mercilessly when a woman dressed in a costume from the Tudor period turned the corner in front of Mr B and made him jump and let out the smallest and campest of screams.

Apparently as I have since been told I have always been fascinated in that period. (I also really love the Victorian Period) I was chatting to my mother about it and she said ‘oh you always loved it, I always joked you were reincarnated from that period, bloody Hardwick Hall three times a summer, or the Tower of London, or any stately home or castle from that period and you were happy as a pig in shit’ god love my mum and how being so young she’s so cool… and crass! The ‘cool’ is debateable.

It has made me think though, what if my fascination with the period and the fact I get so involved in it means I may have been reincarnated from then? I don’t think I believe in it, but who can say, maybe I should get regressed? Do you have any periods that you find haunting? Do you think it is reincarnation? Right think will pop to the shops and get ‘The Tudors’ DVD.

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