Monday, February 11, 2008

A Weekend of Ups & Downs

Not writing too much as feeling a bit sad and shitty. You’ll understand why in a mo.

The Ups
- Saw The Feeling at GAY
- Mr B cornering Sophie Ellis Bextor and talking Brazilian worship of her album
- Fabulous time with Giorgia on Saturday in Ann Summers
- Seeing The Married Ex at one of my friends birthdays and him randomly being there
- Catching up with some of the Panto Boys
- Cloverfield, I thought it was absolutely amazing, Mr B didn’t.

The Downs
- Rowing with Mr B on Saturday night
- Rowing with Mr B all day Sunday

We never row and now he has gone to work and though we have made up now its just so sad that the only day we actually get together is Sunday and we have rowed (over visas, weddings, movies, where to eat – basic stress) and had no quality time together. What a poop weekend.

At least am off to see Ms McLarnon today, a good injection of time with a Pop Princess will cheer me up in my dullest hours, I’ll make sure I get a camp pic with her lol and add it later when I upload this!

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