Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Leave It, It's Family

Again a big bout of no blogging, do I have a good excuse? I will have you know I kind of have three, so there! Firstly of course last week was Kylie week and though I want to scream about it from the rooftops, until I get the pictures and can make even more of the world jealous I shall stay silent on the matter. The second is the fact that ‘Project MD’ is going really well, it started as a small thought process and has now gone off into the stratosphere with over 4000 last night and am praying for a full day of it one have blogged. All I need next is approval from the Du Maurier Estate; I’m being a bit vague aren’t I? Let’s move on…

So the big reason things have been quiet? Stress. Mr S and I have been having endless meetings and paying stupid fee’s to sell some property in Brazil. ‘We’ (which is technically more ‘he’ but it doesn’t matter now we are hitched) has some property out there and we decided to sell one in order to buy here. So far, so boring! Now Mr S has often told me of the drama of his family, they are in fact one of those Socialite ‘Dynasty’ kind of families in Brazil, I am hoping this makes me Alexis when we go over I so cant wait for them to meet me I have so much now to say to them, and his parents divorced was big news as they owned a chain of hotels and went from partners to bitter rivals.

Glamorous in a highly 80’s way, with feuds, drama and then tragedy as Mr S’s Mum got cancer and passed away a few years ago. This was when his brothers showed their true colours. They sold all the hotels to their Dad, even though her dying wish was they wouldn’t. Now also to add a bit of spice they also locked his Mum in a room, it got seriously crazy and weird. So Mr S knew that they had the capacity to be evil, untrustworthy and malicious. Hey we all have that somewhere in the family don’t we?

Now his Dad has never wanted to sell his house and Mr S’s adjoining one, so when he suddenly offered as we were thinking about the same thing it seemed perfect and so we started to go along with it. When a document arrived from Brazil which Mr S was to sign saying his Dad could sell it I had a few reservations, but it’s for Mr S to decide so I stayed quiet and also ‘baby, I did this before with my brother its fine.’ I wish I had spoken up, randomly it wouldn’t have mattered. This document has taken months and pounds to get sorted. It was sent special delivery to Brazil (not a cheap thing at £70 for a letter) but even though was signed for at his Dad’s hotel has still never arrived. I had alarm bells ringing even though Mr S was adamant ‘everything was fine’.

Saturday it all kicked off, I dropped a hint as to how earlier ‘baby, I did this before with my brother its fine’ and his brother has sold the property given the money to Mr S’s dad who has now not sent it to us, but bought a new hotel with it, and obviously his own money on top, not much though you should have seem the house. It’s like a Brazilian version of The Mitchell’s. So now a legal battle starts, I am thinking of getting the 80’s shoulder padded pastel suits on (partly to look like Alexis and partly because Oxfam will be the only place I will be shopping for the near future) in readiness. But this is where it gets truly twisted… on the phone to Mr S his Dad was laughing saying ‘you can’t sue me, it’s your brother who did it… sue him’ yes that’s right not content with screwing over one son he has done it to two. What a great family I married into! Mr S was trying to console himself last night (in all seriousness and drama free now, he is devastated his family have treated him like this) with the fact that he has my parents now. I don’t think my answer of ‘oh you mean the Dad who was a complete arse the week before we got married and I have now disowned, or my 41 year old mother who in the last month seems to have forgotten how to use a phone, or just forgotten she has any older children?’

Aren’t families the best?

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