Sunday, August 17, 2008

Pain & Pride, Plus Some Winehouse & Madonna

So after the new ‘Simon becomes a Gym Bunny’ phase that has been going on for just under two weeks (I’m not spotting any difference yet) I had my first meeting with the gorgeous and lovely personal trainer Mario from Sweatbox who is breaking me into newer exercise routines and such like. When I arrived to meet him I thought we would be doing exercises in the gym and using the vibration plates Ms Minogue does, if they are good enough for Kylie they are good enough for me. This was not what Mario had in mind… at all!

Ten minutes later I was changed and outside, five later I was running down Oxford Street. That’s right Simon Savidge was RUNNING down Oxford Street, and not to buy the last fabulous bag from Selfridges or anything like that! The run, that turned into a walk then a fast walk then a run, ended up in Regents Park where I was then made to do some vile exercises that will help with my back and Yoga. I think the people in the park were as shocked to see me doing it as I was to be actually doing it. Dare I say I actually enjoyed it? I did you know, I mean my legs are hurting, I hate to imagine the pain to come after he made me do things to stretch every muscle in my body, I am walking like John Wayne but I feel quite good. I now await his call for training volume two, you are bound to hear about it (I don’t mean the screams of pain and protest) when I embark on the next session. I was invited to the Foam Party tonight but think will leave that for when am trimmer!

I then waddled to the Curzon to meet Mr S, for we and several of our Brazilian chums were out for Soho Pride (via China Town for Dim Sum). Can I ask why London needs two prides or is that a very silly question? It wasn’t half bad and I had a real laugh, the streets were teaming, the sunshine was out and I got some good snaps (sadly none of the Gaydar camp as someone had messed up my press passes oh well) but I did make it to see two fabulous acts on the QX stage, sadly I missed Antigone who’s single ‘More Man Than Man’ is amazing. The first act was Tania Gornall Alboni as Amy Winehouse and she is amazing, see picture below.

She had the voice down to a ‘T’ it’s an amazing voice and she’s really talented and looks the spit of Amy, really, really good. Her rendition of ‘Valerie’ had everyone going. Speaking of Valerie, Carlos’ boyfriend turned up with a box of Patisserie Valerie cakes not long after as he works there, this was truly selfish of him as after my work out I shouldn’t have, but I had to. The toffee éclair was too tempting for me. After 'The Wino' we got Madonna in the form of Melissa Totten who was awesome.

Dare I say she was actually better at being Madonna than Madonna sometimes is (have I performed a gay blasphemy)… and she sang live! She’ll be doing something very special in a forthcoming edition of Bent (not Septembers but Octobers) which you will all have to look out for, I’ll be blogging about it to death next week as I am very excited and she is very lovely. After those two highlights we tried to get into Camp Gaydar again but the queue was still stupid and we couldn’t be arsed so we bought lots of booze from one of the mini markets, I actually only had diet coke, and drank in the street with all the other gay men and women, it was brilliant. Eventually drizzle came and my legs gad started to make me wince when walking so decided was time for home. Delicious day all in all though.


Irish G said...

I'm just after rejoining the gym, and am amazed to find myself doing things I never would have thought of before... such as "boxercise" classes.

I feel your pain. lol.


Simon said...

Hahahahaha cheers Gary!