Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who's The Foster Daddy?

Well it would appear that the foster daddy could indeed be me. No not children though things are looking good for next year but that’s a whole other blog! After Hoyden died I was adamant that there was no way I would ever have another cat, while that was quite extreme I still don’t but after seeing some kittens on TV I felt tempted. So I had a look online when I found a foster scheme with Battersea Dog’s Home. The idea is that you look after cats who are a little poorly, who need to adjust to living in a home again, or who have just had kittens. This is perfect for people who work abroad sometimes, have a smaller flat, or have no garden AND it’s doing something for a charity. So I am all signed up and pending a home check and some references all should be good.

Now one of the references will naturally be my gorgeous best friend Polly, who has known me the whole while I had both Thisbe and Hoyden, and who has now left me in charge of her precious pussy (oh that sounds rude, snigger – sorry) for almost two weeks while she goes away as part of her birthday celebrations. It was meant to start on Thursday but thanks to the closing down of the Northern Line for a few days (an excuse to not go into town which is a bonus) because of a strike, she has arrived this evening.

I did a mad dash to Sainsbury’s for cat litter trays, dinner for us, cat treats and a mouse toy – the woman at the checkout gave me a withering ‘single gay man with a cat syndrome’ look before Polly arrived with Phoebe in tow. It’s the first time Polly and I have seen each other since the drama of me leaving book group (ha that sounds so late 50’s woman drama) which is another story! So I found her in an isle looking fabulous as ever with her cat basket in tow. Polly had quite a lot of looks at the tube but said ‘a person staring at my pussy rather than my breasts is quite nice’, so after a litter hunt we traipsed to Phoebe’s temporary home. That cat is heavy.

How’s is all going? Well as you can see from the picture below she has found a furry thrown to lounge on. She did something very camp when she first got on which was hiss at it before rolling all over it with love… so fickle. We also gave her some catnip (its like feline dope) which made her love everything and everyone for about ten minutes.

Polly has now gone and Phoebe is a little bit jumpy but seems to be settling in nicely. She seems to be quite happy with me bar one picking up incident which almost ended in tears, mine. We have had about an hour of loud sad mewing at the front door, some disappearing in wardrobes and under the oven, then an overexcited jump onto the bed which ended in her falling off and now sleepily sulking back on the rug. I am calling all this adjustment!

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