Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Fitness First

I haven’t blogged for a while which is quite un-me. I haven’t really had much to say which is even more unlike me. I have joined the gym (again very unlike me) and have to say that right now Fitness First is not my favourite place in the world. I have had this whole ‘I wanna get fit’ rush already and that didn’t work, mind you let’s look into why that was.

I decided back at New Year that I was gonna have a new start. I had left my second job as an Office Manager (voluntary redundancy) and had a promotion at Bent so I thought stuff it I have more time on my hands let’s get me fit.

I ummmed and ahhhed over a few different places (there is a gorgeous Holmes Place near me – way too expensive for what it is though the pool was to die for) and so I thought I would give the former council Leisure Centre my service. It was a good deal, you didn’t have a contract you could leave whenever. That changed at my first training session. I had to have my photo taken so in three months they could prove that I had lost weight, if I hadn’t I had failed. This really bugged me a) how much pressure must they be putting on people b) to tell someone who wants to loose weight and tries hard they have ‘failed’ is wrong. Within a week I had been 4 times and was so proud of myself, until the guy came over checked my sheet and said ‘no, no you’ve not been doping what your training says you should, you cant pick and chose, do you want to get fit?’ Funnily enough that was the last time I went and people wondered why. There was also a weird incident with two guys who really freaked me out in the sauna but that’s not for now.

So as my beloved is now working for Fitness First and hopes to become a personal trainer, the gym is now free, I feel slightly more like I should be an advert for his healthy lifestyle (he hasn’t made me feel like this he is adverse to me loosing the weight at all) I am back in a gym. This time I love it! Ok that’s not true, I still hate it, but I know it’s a means to an end. I am wondering if I should go again before my very important date with a certain KM tomorrow?????? Ha, if only one day at the gym made you shed all your weight. Next I need to find a local gym buddy lol.

Bar the gym am trying to think of what else have been up to as it’s been nearly a week. We scattered Hoyden’s ashes last Friday Mr S, The Ex and me. I think The Ex found it the hardest out of all of us, I guess me and MR S had seen her and knew it was for the best whereas The Ex only saw her when she just got ill.

Saw a late night (leaving the cinema at 2am) showing of The Dark Knight on Saturday, which was after a major sulk that I didn’t get invited by Mr S to go to the motor show – I didn’t actually want to but that’s not the point lol. It’s amazing and I know everyone is now going all ‘Heath Ledger shouldn’t get an Oscar after he’s dead’ well actually he should. I have to say he blew me away and every scene with him seemed to have so much more presence. Having said that the whole film is awesome and I am definitely going to have to see it again on the big screen.

Other than that I have been seriously reviewing books and reading like a demon which *self promotion alert* you can see at http://savidgereads.blogspot.com have you seen the Man Booker list? I am a bit ‘meh’ about it all. Glad Child 44 is on there as the book snobs have already started bemoaning that. I think they should have a younger male of about 26 on the judge’s panel rather than Michael Portaloo don’t you? Right off to eat celery sticks!

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dovegreyreader said...

Nooooo I'm not being a book snob:-)That's the last thing I am and I loved Child 44 but I went to a talk at the Oxford Litfest this year with Ion Trewin talking with two former Booker judges and Child 44 is most definitely not the sort of book they were touting for Booker fame. I think someone's moved the goalposts which is fine but will just take a bit of getting used to. BTW the panel also said that is is "usual" to give the prize to someone who has struggled at their craft with little recognition but has a good backlist that will make them some money on the back of the prize ...interesting.