Monday, August 25, 2008

Olympic Gays

I have to say when the Olympic Games ended I nearly shed a tear. I have really gotten into it this year, but why the possible tear I hear you cry? Was it the amazing firework and closing display? No, but almost as that was wonderful. Was it the awful effort we made with Boris and his bad hair and Leona and his bad miming? No though if we’re selling commuters and transport as London’s highlights god help us. Was it because Team GB did really well and I got really behind them? Maybe as I did this year. Was it saying good bye to all the semi naked men? Very possibly. Was it the fact its been my companion as Phoebe seems to be scared of the dark and cries if the lights and TV are off and she needs cuddling as she’s in a new home and now I will only have Quiz Call or QVC? Almost definitely!

Bless Phoebe as she started off the first night ok, but since then it’s been a rocky road. She doesn’t particularly like Mr S yet other than when he is playing with her and then she cries if he stops. Only one morning to stop the mewing he fell asleep on the floor at 4am woke up at 6am to see me and Phoebe happily curled up together deeply asleep on the bed. We have now realised she’s randomly scared of the dark and like dutiful parents we are sleeping with the light on, which if you have tried this is almost impossible, well it is for me, and so the all night Olympic coverage has been a great friend for me in these slightly trying times.

Fortunately I’ve had quite a sports filled last few days which has taken away a lot of the loss I have felt with the Olympic farewell, and I don’t just mean under my new ‘get fit’ regime. Though the weekend did see me gyming a lot it also saw the start of the IGLFA (I think that stands for International Gay & Lesbian Football Association) World Championship, something that features the Yorkshire Terriers who Bent are sponsoring. So I am being a roving reporter for that. I missed the opening event at Shepherd’s Bush as I went to the Lovers & Losers night at Trash Palace where my gorgeous friend Dom Agius was doing his first headline gig and was fabulous. I couldn’t stay late because of Queen Phoebe and her current demanding behaviour. I then missed the first day of matches, so really not the best reporter of the games so far. I did have a reason for missing the first day and that was the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and GMFA’s Sports Day.

I am a volunteer for GMFA but sadly not the best one. I do work on FS and try and do what I can but I will do more in the future I swear. As this Sports Day was to benefit them I went along to get some coverage for Bent and hopefully that’ll create some extra publicity. I also found out that my best mate Andy was taking part in a team (The London Raiders) so I had to go and support them. After hand bag tossing, the 50m mince, the tug of war *insert gay men tugging joke here* the egg and spoon and the Beer Relay Race they came a very high scoring second. It was a really good fun day out and we even had some sunshine. Here’s the team tugging…

Here’s Andy and his fella Jay…

Here’s the fabulous Timberlina who was hosting the event in a fabulous purple jumper dress, they so need to come back.

Oh and here are me and Mr S can you see we have swapped hair length (there were tears over this haircut, not mine, but he asked me to do it) and I am looking sportier? Not quite!

More sporting news tomorrow when I finally cover the IGLFA World Championship, I wonder if a roving reporter gets to interview them all in the showers. That would be really hard work and so dull! God my job is so difficult sometimes!

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