Wednesday, August 27, 2008

And So The Diet Starts

Sometimes something with work comes up that might not make the best feature but you just selfishly want to try and then will try and make into a really exciting feature. A diet that is delivered freshly made for you every day that the likes of Jennifer Aniston is on (though if I end up looking like Jennifer Aniston I wont be impressed, as she is a girl and Brad has totally passed her by) and other celebs, I just though ‘hell yeah I am so doing this’. That was last week, before the hampers started to arrive. My first hamper arrived on Tuesday so I am now two days into this malarkey, am I loving it?

…In a word “no”. I have to say the food is delicious; there just simply isn’t enough of it. I know before anyone answers with ‘that’s the whole point of a diet’ that indeed that is the whole point but I guess I wasn’t expecting it to be so little. Carbs are gone, rice and potatoes minimised, and meat is higher on the ingredients count that it would be if I was cooking myself. There isn’t a sign of chocolate anywhere just ‘cocoa flavoured’ things. The things I do for the love of my job lol.

There are pro’s though, because I am on a strict fitness regime I am allowed one Mars Bar a day *insert the theme ‘a mars a day, helps you work, rest and play here* and I am eating fruit salads on top. It is hard work though my stomach hasn’t ached like this in a long time (that’ll be the shrinking) and I have to drink masses of water everyday, water is the most boring tasting drink in the universe, is adding masses of Ribena cheating I wonder? I haven’t… yet! There is also the fact that coffee is banned and so is sugar in tea, bloody Hitler’s! I love a nice sweet tea! However I have also discovered, a little late I am sure, Chai Tea which needs no sweetening and I am drinking quite a high amount of as ‘its good for me’ and tastes like (though hopefully without the side effects of) Syrup of Figs.

I should say more about the food I am allowed though really. The shakes are all very nice, Granola… rabbit food but bearable, plus one has chocolate in another pecan, the Pea & Ham soup is amazing (best I have ever had) and ‘Crab and Asparagus’ soup sounds quite fancy. It’s the mains that make me laugh like ‘Richard Jenkins Wild Rabbit’ who the heck is Richard Jenkins when he’s at home? I think it’s supposed to sell it to me, maybe if the picture was of a buff rogue farm hand, rather than a greying old farm codger it would do the trick. Honestly some people get freebies and just moan, moan, moan I ask you!

Updates on how the diets going soon, maybe when the mood swings have passed.

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