Sunday, August 10, 2008

An OMO in a Sweat-Box

So I had a bit of a working weekend this weekend and hoped it would wash the woes away and indeed it did. Sometimes I love my job and other times I really love my job. This weekend has been one of the latter. Occasionally I get to do some great bar reviews where the staff are lovely and the drinks are flowing, but when I got asked to review a gym and spa, well how could I say no? I must admit I did snigger at the thought of me reviewing a gym as though I am back in the swing of training I am nowhere near Gym Bunny standard. I also thought this might be interesting as normally if I go to a gym I get the ‘oh you are really gonna have your work cut out aren’t you?’ and that’s just from a straight gym, so would a gay gym be as bitchy?

The answer is a resounding no! I walked in and Mark and Jason are bloody lovely. They make you feel instantly at home. I won’t do a full review on here as it’ll be in the next issue of Bent all I will say is wow. They have gone to town with a masculine sexy red and black theme in the gym with vibration plates (which Kylie uses and I will be trying next weekend) which are going to be huge, but not in a fad kind of way. I will report on those then. On the middle floor are a lovely spa pool, and several steam rooms still in the red and black theme and then on a floor down is the locker room and a sauna area with cabins which I didn’t really check out as a free Jacuzzi and steam room hello, I know my priorities. After had spa’d for some serious time, it was time for me to head home and get ready for a night out at OMO when I got asked if I would like to come back in the week and have a massage… hmmm that was a tough one, I’ll let you know how I get on. It’s Hot Rock Massage apparently; does anyone know what that is?

So OMO, is it any different to GAY? In terms of the venue I have to say no, they have added a DJ booth in the bar upstairs so that’s now an edgy pop/indie/R&B room, they have also painted that area black with everyone’s favourite… a few disco balls. Then on the main stage are three massive light display letters spelling OMO and in the middle of the M sits the DJ, very nice. The music is very current and slightly less like someone’s just plugged in their iPod on random, but hey what do I know I can’t DJ. The one thing that really makes the difference is the customers. They have changed.

Now either from the dizzy heights of the balcony, where I would sit for GAY, everyone either looked like a chicken/twink or a chicken/twink hawk or it was the case. Tonight what I truly loved was the mix. There were less of them but still a 18 (and possibly under but shush you mustn’t say that) to 20 band of people, then there were the twinks, but there were lots of lesbians which I always like, bears, grey gays, indie boys and everyone mixed quite happily. It was a bit like certain Vauxhall haunts but without the attitude, sort of. I am digging a whole saying that. I would advise you all to go and see for yourselves. I must retire now, working (aka drinking and spa-ing) so hard on a weekend is most tiring for one, ha.

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