Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Martin Fry Makes A Great Cuppa

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing one of the 80’s Pop Greats (and if more people had bought ‘Traffic’ which is actually very, very good without them needing to reinvent themselves with Timbaland – yes I do mean Duran Duran and Madonna) anyway some of you will know who this legend is and others of you won’t. In all honesty until this week if I had walked past Martin in the street I wouldn’t have known who he was, thanks to Wikipedia, Youtube, Google and Dom Agius I now know he is the lead singer of ABC of ‘The Lexicon of Love’ album with the mammoth ‘Look of Love’ single.

Normally I get to meet people in a café/bar/hotel room, today I got to go to his house and I was jealous, very, very jealous - gorgoeus house, fabulous cars and a gorgeous Pug, after loosing Hoyden I am magnetised towards animals. Instead of starting the interview straight away I was diverted spending about 15 minutes playing with him and another one they were looking after until they started getting jealous of the other and had a massive scrap. I quote the visiting dog 'normally spends his days in Monolo Bloniks, he's a working boy'. Martin was lovely and the interview didn’t start for 40minutes after it should as firstly I was intoduced to the family and then we were gassing away about the ‘north’. Chesterfield and Sheffield maybe in different counties but they are really close. So we’d already had a Yorkshire Tea before we’d even started. Sadly I didn't take any photo's I didnt think it would be too cool in someones house, I kind of wish I had.

The interview wad great, he was very gracious not showy off, he was down to earth and just really friendly and that to me makes a great celebrity interview. He gave me some good bitchy quotes but not in a horrid way in a very well humoured way. Yes that’s my excuse when I have a good bitch. The Steel City Tour is coming around the UK in December and I’ll be at it for sure. One final thing before I go – a big thank you to Mr Agius for his 20 minute ABC lesson and for giving me some deeper insight into the group and for the cartoon knowledge. In fact now that I have had his words of wisdom and downloaded the discography I could be an expert on ABC. Next time I have a big 80’s popstar to interview I know who to send… Unless of course its Kylie or Madonna, then he can just come in my man bag! I’m off to find myself a pug, so I can dress it like this…

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