Friday, July 11, 2008

A Devastating Day

Today has been horrific, after the phone call from the vets yesterday there was sadly nothing I could do for Hoyden the cancer had won without us even knowing it was attacking till Monday, and after her leg stopped working last night she became quieter and seemed un-Hoyden-like (though still wanting lots and lots of cuddles, which she got, and to be carried around like the Queen that she was, which she did) so I knew it couldnt wait any longer. So after a day of spoiling, tears and endless cuddles, this evening I took her to the vets and she passed away at 6pm in my arms (Polly was a star and came and looked after me as Mr S had to work - he is heartbroken, the man who hated cats was charmed by little Madam Hoyden) so thats that. I feel absolutely devastated and so am off to hit the vodka big time.

Heres a little memory of a very precious pussy cat.

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