Thursday, July 17, 2008

Books Glorious Book Blogging

As most of you who know me will know I am sure I am a bit of a book geek. I love reading and would choose reading over the TV any day frankly. Well maybe not everyday as I love a good movie but you get the drift. My mother and grandmother are to blame. Both of them have rooms with literally a whole wall that’s been turned into a massive set of book shelves both have easily over a thousand books (and that’s only on show), they too read like there is no tomorrow although my mother seems to have taken a backseat on this one of late and is still reading a book she’d started over two months ago, most unlike her. We discuss books on the phones at length; we are all parts of a duo that started book groups. The list could go on and as you could see I can waffle (in general too) on about books until the cows come home.

So rather than bore people to death (as people seem less bookish these days) who I know that aren’t avid readers or authors I have bored to death already, or people I know who just don’t really read. I also have the pain of being married to a non-reader can be quite overwhelming, in fact even worse a non reader who bans you from buying books for having too many. What should I do? Someone sent me a link to Book Rabbit where seriously you can rabbit on about your fav books to your hearts content; I wanted something more personal too, like a book journal.

I decided to blog it all and have now created a new book blog, which at the mo is still a work in progress as I have written a stupid amount on books in the last year (but been so busy reading haven’t put them all up) that it only has a few ‘book thoughts’ and all the reviews of books I have read this year. People may role their eyes and say that these reviews are not long enough or bemoan another book blog, fine don’t read it! I don’t personally like reviews that never end and love other blogs where they sum up the book in less than 500 words and make you feel like you either do or don’t wanna read it! I would love publishers to send me books that I can review in advance, but that’s a dream that maybe one day will come true. For now I have no incentive or bias and am simply going to blog about my books and my book thoughts to my hearts content. If you should want to pop by you would be more than welcome.

It’s (and no sadly that picture is not my book shelf).

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