Sunday, November 12, 2006

Spirits, Crystall Balls & More (Alcoholic) Spirits

Well its been a nice weekend this one. I havent done masses but have done enough to feel like I had a break from work and also have done quite a lot.

Friday night I spent trying to more and more of 'The Secret Of Wishingstone Way' its actually a lot harder than you think, your head gets so full of all the words that you want to put on the page that you feel a bit like your floundering.

Yesterday I met Michelle at 9.30am so we could go to the 'Mind Body & Spirit' event at Olympia. Was quite good only I found myself disheartned at how mercenary some people are. My psychic medium is like £15 for half an hour these guys were £45. Michelle said she could do it and undercut them hahahaha. Was delightful to see Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell, though we all know I think Derk Acorah is more of a legend. Bought a crystal ball finally! She's called Selena hahahahahahaha. I love her she was a bargain at £25. I also bought some Neem Tree tea! Oh and had an amber wax as Michelle wouldnt try it - she then bought a pot. Also indulged myself with a Shiatsu (or however you spell it) massage.

Night time came and made Michelle a Prawn Stir Fry! Was one of the best things have cooked in ages. Hoyden nicely pooed everywhere, she knows how to entertain guests that cat!

Went to The Frog & Forget Me Not to start a night of drink for Ewers leaving do then on to SW4 Bar got very pissed, now hungover trying to watch Lord of the Rings.

Oh finished Eragon , is actually really good. Will do a review on ciao at some point! Liked all the characters though some of the description is a bit vague. But bloody hell he was only like 17 when he finished it!

Right stuff to do!

Lunch was shit! We went to a local bar and got served luke warm food seperately and they got Michelles order wrong twice.

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