Friday, November 10, 2006

Everything Is A Bit Much...

Do you ever get that feeling where everything just seems a bit much?

Waking up seems a bit much, so does getting dressed.
The tube is way too much.
Work is just about too much.
And everything else is just tooooooooooooooooooooo much?

No... well I bloody do.

Work - new offices, new rules, new, new, new.
Home - do I move, don't I move? Ric - I would love to share with you! - doing alright but could be better. - done bugger all for weeks.
Personal website - needs total re-thinking and rebuilding!
Social life - sorry whats that? Room for improvement.
Writing - all change at Bent, QR is on hold, Switch 22 interview gone very quiet, Nanowrimo dont even get me started!!!!

Even the cat... she never stops mieowing!

Everything is a bit much, but bizarrely I am fine - odd!

Still reading - Eragon (its getting very good - made me cry was so vivid a death in one part)
Listening to - The Sound Of -Girls Aloud

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