Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The World's Gone Wonky!

I am sat at my desk at work... this isnt right is it? I should be off shopping and then going out and getting rat arsed with my mates.

Sadly, most Londoners have migrated elsewhere this week so after an Xmas of being Billy No Mates the hell continues - though a certain Mr Brustolon is back tonight! Thank the lord! So I threw myself into a 'come on do something with your day' effort, and am now in the office - semi-working with the delightful Ms Jono! I did have a peep in Next, Marks & Spencers and Sainsburys to see what cheap delights they held - absolutely BOG ALL! What has gone wrong with the world this week?

Have had a chance to catch up with some mates though. One of whom was reversed into by a car in the Christmas Sainsburys mad rush Xmas Eve - I tried not to find that comical. Failing slightly! We also started the whole "what you going to have as your New Years Resolutions?" dilemma - one that is currently vexing me as I want to have a) good ones b) ones I actually keep and c) need the list to be concise yet real!! Oh its a quandry!

So what other news? Flap all really! Looking forward to tonight and seeing Alex, think gonna have a day in the beautiful landscape of Wandsworth tomorrow and catch a movie! Oh and Jono has suggested a pub lunch! How fabulous!

Reading: it's still Ruby in the Smoke and it's really good, one scene of Mrs H chasing sally wigged me out a bit actually - cant wait for the show tonight! Must finish book first!

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