Monday, December 25, 2006


I am feeling most vexed with Christmas. I have a cold from hell and have spent a lot of the day crying! I am so pathetic! Basically I can't go home and have had to ask for the kindness of my ex to have me round for dinner tomorrow, yes Simon is going to be lonely this Christmas, lonely at home. If only every day could be a song lyric.

The toughest part of today was choosing to definately not go home. I didnt want the kids or my Step-Nan catching anything off me and frankly with runny eyes and nose, a fever and muscle ache from hell I would have been lousy company and the train would have been a nightmare. Plus I will be seeing everyone on the 30th at Caroline's family bash.

Anyways enough need to watch some fabulous telly or something to get through the hours.

Watching: Cutting It Series 4 (mainly where Ali dies - sorry if have ruined the ending people)
Listening to: A Moment Like This - Leona Lewis

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