Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Lonely This Christmas

Do you know what? I thought this was going to be the worst Xmas ever, and though it possibly has been, its not been as horrendous as I envisaged.

The idea of not seeing my family at Christmas has never appealed to me (then again Christmas with the family is never something I get too excited about) I like it for the kids... my little brother is 5 and my sister 9. So for them it's an exciting, thrilling time full of the promise of Santa and presents. So I have always had them as an excuse for waking up early and enthusing about the whole event that really I couldnt give two hoots about! Come on, I am 24, I know Santa isn't real and that Christmas in adult land means debt.

So when I woke on Chrismas Day with the cat I didnt cry - I so thought it would be tears all day. I simply got up, gave her her Turkey Whiskers and wished her a Merry Christmas before whipping the tv on, me clothes off and having a nice relaxing bath. So far so good.

Then it was Xmas lunch at the Ex's. Awkward, slightly odd but yet again all good. No tears. Alice phoned me and unlike her Xmas card the phone conversation didnt make me cry either. Bridget Jones eat your heart out - nothing could stop me...

...Until I walked home alone, to an empty flat at 5pm. An empty plat which my cat had done some sick in. Then my Mum phoned and the kids where on and after they hung up, oh boy, the tears came.

However watching the fabulous Doctor Who (with the amazing Catherine Tate) cheered me up and I got drunk. Amaretto makes everything right! I did have a slight moment of being pathetic and texting the ex all woe is me and your at a party, then I fell asleep!

This morning everything seemed brighter i am pleased to say, and frankly (despite bloody Sainsbury's not being open) had quite a productive day! I went shopping with the motive of buying the last few pressies in the sales - I'm cheap I know - and got some and did some more me shopping. New lamps, new shower curtain and some shit DVD's. Legendary! But whats best is that I have found I quite like my own company... and the company of my bloody shitting cat!

Reading: The Ruby In The Smoke - Philip Pullman
Watching: Snakes on a Plane, Supergirl (told you I bought some shit!)

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