Friday, September 29, 2006

Poisoned Porridge

Have been outraged twice today... Firstly by the naughtiness of a lady from ‘Crussh’ ( my co-worker Kevin and I were feeling a little peckish at around 11am and we thought (as I had toothache) “ooooh, porridge would be lovely”. So off we toddled… well minced! We get there and on a poster outside is a lovely looking honey covered pot of porridge, yum, yum.

Kevin goes in first and hands her the pot simply asking what we needed to do next (well it had no flavourings on it) she starts ranting about banana’s, oranges, and bloody berry compote which we didn’t want so I said ‘oh no, no, no’ and she screamed ‘what do you want?’ Well how rude, we were shocked (Kevin actually jumped at her anger!) and then she cut the banana like she wanted it to be us – what a cheek!

The final straw came when we received the honey and banana porridge… stone cold. I mean for £1.75 you would think they would heat it! I should have asked for a discount of the added poisonous attitude I didn't want stirred in my pot!

Second vexation is that Tooting Broadway Vets have misplaced Thisbe’s ashes! I don’t expect that at £115 either! (Oh and Primark had nothing good in it!)

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