Saturday, September 30, 2006


Hmmm… I am in work today, so can only be brief as loads to do and normally you won’t get a blog from me on a Saturday!

Have only just discovered that Jane Austen had an unfinished book called ‘Sanditon’ and have now decided I want to have a crack at writing as her, what a crazy world we live in hey!? Bought Juliette Shapiro’s effort but am soooooooo involved in Mary Elizabeth Braddon’s ‘Lady Audley’s Secret’ and my screenplay/script of that my head might burst! I also ‘Emma’ yesterday on my Oxfam binge; it is from America 1964 and is the campest vilest cover ever! That’s how I like my books!

Erm what else? Oh is back in action! Right have work to do x

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