Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Mr Misery Guts!

Sadly my aim to write from a week and a half ago has gone slightly wrong in the fact that I have had a small tragedy in the form of Thisbe dying suddenly. Last Monday morning the poor thing had a heart attack and though one of the most distressing things I have witnessed, at least I was with her.

The tubby legend will be in my heart always and forever and its weird as it seems like a part of me has gone missing. I still have Hoyden thankfully. The Thisbe drama couldn’t stop there could it? I then couldn’t get a spade anywhere! Then when I bloody did I dug and after a foot was concrete in the garden… not meeting the councils requirements, so now shes being cremated bless her and I’ll be releasing her ashes in Merton Abbey Mills which is a lovely area, hopefully this weekend coming!

I am also feeling vile in the extreme after having no sleep this weekend, he who is to blame shall remain nameless but he knows who he is, and his drinking is getting TOO MUCH!

Then there has been the diva in my office. Miss ‘O’. Interviewed her… amazing, she started and it was just one wrong footing after another. Yesterday was the final straw when in an email she called me a liar and told me how to do my job. I had a big chat with her and shes decided to leave thank the lord! She should know there is only one diva in my office and on my team… me!

But week hasn’t been all bad…Got very drunken with Kevin, Polly and Richard on Monday night. We were being very rowdy and ‘faaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous’ in G-A-Y Bar (where Big Brother’s Michael was acting like he owned the place – hmmm) and Kevin did some hilarious ‘pulling’ dancing with a chav! So It’s not all been bad.

I am running severely late on my deadline for G.L.S! Ed hasn’t gotten back to me on my QR Magazine ‘Top Ten Break Up Tracks’. Jenny has got back to me saying she is loving Octobers Agony Uncle Column. Will update all on date it’s out… you fans you!


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