Monday, September 01, 2008

My London Mini Break

After having worked pretty solidly for over two weeks including working weekends and a Bank Holiday weekend plus after a seriously long night at Most Haunted Live and the fact some of my family were coming down on Monday I decided that I should take a few days off and have a break, a sort of Simon Bank Holiday if you will. So rather than go anywhere gallivanting I decided that I would simply have a holiday in my home city of London with a slight detour to the Yorkshire Moors but more on them in due course.

Saturday saw Michelle and myself get into bed at almost 5am after out Most Haunted jaunt, so we decided that we would have a lovely lunch (sorry am I on a diet) of a massive platter in the pub, a Mills & Boon hunt, a new skirt for Michelle hunt (due to the hear and for Most Haunted she’d dressed for coldness) and then a lovely stroll in the National Trust Park that’s fifteen minutes from my house but I frequently forget about.
It might have involved some horses and stables a big favourite of Michelle’s. Look at that dress sense…
It might also have involved some ice-cream, but I am on a diet but there is no proof… oh damnation.
Sunday was so rubbish weather wise I ended up spending the day in the local spa (my flat) lazing around and reading Wuthering Heights, am unsure of Catherine (spoilt petulant bint) and Heathcliff (uncouth rogue), time will tell!

Monday was like a massive tourist trail of London and made me realise just how blinking lucky I am that to live here. I met my aunty Caz (who in age and in relationship is much more like my big sister) and my cousins Florence and Alfie for a day out seeing all the sites. Though Florence has done the London holiday thing quite a lot for a seven year old this was actually Alfie’s first proper visit as he came for the wedding but didn’t get to do the tourist thing! So we decamped at their hotel and swiftly made our way to the river and for a long gorgeous boat ride which took in the sites.
We then went to Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament, and Westminster Abbey before going onto my favourite park which is St James’ Park. Its small full of bizarre ducks and Pelican’s a hermit house like pub, fabulous views of Buckingham Palace and it seems more hidden than the other parks and less sparse. Plus it was in one of my favourite children’s books ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hollins’, random fact. We met the hubbies in St James and Green Park had some coffees caught a double decker and ended up in China Town for the kids first proper Chinese, Alfie loved it... and so did I, well how could I be rude and diet when a) am on holiday and b) am having a family meal, it would be rude wouldnt it?
Now those are the reasons why people should visit London, speaking of which has anyone else noticed how pointless the adverts for Visit London are on the Metro, London Paper, buses and tubes… when you’re already in London glad money is spent wisely! I do take London for granted sometimes and I need little breaks like these to relax and help me remember that.

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